Acrylic Flooring


⇒ It is produced and applied in 5 main categories.
⇒ It consists of 5 to 12 layers.
⇒ Primer + cushion + top coat + line.
⇒ It is certified by the international ITF.
⇒ Acrylic floors are resistant to UV rays.
⇒ It can be used in all weather conditions.
⇒ It is easy to apply and the paint dries quickly.
⇒ It gives the ground a non-slip surface texture.
⇒ It is flexible and thus increases the control power of the player.
⇒ It is produced and applied taking into account the health of the player.
⇒ It prevents injuries. ⇒ It is preferred in multipurpose fields, tennis courts and bicycle paths..

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