Running Tracks

Characteristic. With proper elasticity, it can produce appropriate rebound force when moving, protect joints and ligaments, and reduce the risk of injury.
Non-slip. The special anti-skid layer can ensure that the surface is not slippery, even in wet conditions and bad weather can also ensure that the foot is solid, fast and safe running.
Wear-resisting. Excellent wear resistance can ensure long-term stability of pavement structure.
Stable. Excellent anti-aging and acid rain, humidity and heat, ozone, ultraviolet function, ensure that the physical properties and appearance structure of the pavement will remain unchanged.
Practicability. All-weather use with appropriate drainage system, even after heavy rain or washing can be immediately used for training, games and performance unchanged.
Simple maintenance. No special maintenance is required within its reasonable use range, but daily cleaning and flushing are necessary.
Beautiful colour. Special EPDM particles, soft surface color, granular surface, prevent the reflection of dazzling light, beautiful and durable, and can use multi-color collocation.Scope of application.

Installation Requirements

Construction Classification. There are two kinds of construction technology, mechanical paving and manual paving.Mechanical paving has good compactness and high smoothness. Generally, mechanical paving can be used in the case of more than 7 mm
Surface treatment. On the basis of meeting the requirements, we should first clean the surface with butyl ester without any small stones , dust, water (including watermarks), oil stains. After cleaning, evenly apply 0.2 KG of primer per square meter (mixing diluent: glue in proportion of 3-4:1) to enhance its adhesion to the ground, avoiding irreversible consequences.
Sample test must be done before construction. The following problems should be paid attention to. A: Material usage, such as material ratio, curing time is normal. B: After 24 hours, observe whether there is any irregularity and whether the properties of adhesion and strength meet the requirements.
Pre-construction preparation (manual). preparation of materials, tools and equipment (clappers, kowtows, soap water, cars, rakes, mixers, etc.) and diluents.
Construction personnel requirements (manual). At least six construction personnel, two materials preparation, two materials transportation and two paving.
Construction (manual). Small area (less than 1000 square meters) can be made by bread machine. Unconditionally, it can be directly placed on the ground for stirring, changing the place for stirring, mixing the material in proportion, pouring into the site paving, heating (blowtorch heating) or soapy water after the clapper pat solid, pat flat seam, maintain the overall level. The site thickness is generally required to be 6 mm pure EPDM particles.
⇒ After EPDM paving, apply 0.1KG glue per square with drum..
⇒ Draw lines after curing.

Construction matters Needing Attention (manual)

⇒ The optimum construction temperature is 15-35 C. The temperature is too high or too low, which affects the construction.
⇒ Paving tools used (commonly known as trowel-to-trowel or push knife).
⇒ Mixing and stirring must be uniform.
⇒ Every batch of materials should be connected well, otherwise there will be gaps if the connection is not good, so trimming must be neat.
⇒ The ingredients must be proportioned strictly. Depending on the particle size, good glue is less, bad glue is more, big glue is less and small glue is more. Bottom rubber particles: glue = 8:1; surface EPDM particles: glue = 6:1.
⇒ After the site is completed, check and clean up the remnants left by the site, which is beautiful.

Plastic Running Track

plastic runway is the most innovative and technological high-level runway surface system nowadays. It is specially designed for the strength and safety of athletes. It is based on high purity polyurethane resin and has very low toxic volatile gas. It is an environmentally friendly material with lasting safety performance. It has excellent anti-ultraviolet ability and colour. Bright and lasting.

Breathable plastic runway

Base Layer: Cement or Asphalt Base Layer Primer: penetrate, strengthen base surface, improve bonding Buffer Layer: EPDM Particle Glue Buffer Layer Surface layer Surface layer: sprayed granular layer, strong water permeability

Composite Plastic Runway

Base Layer: Cement or Asphalt Base Layer Primer: penetration, improvement of bonding EPDM granular layer; air permeability improves overall elasticity Filling layer: filling leveling transition layer

Mixed Plastic Runway

A base course; a cement or asphalt base course. Primer: penetration, strengthening foundation, improving bonding Mixed Layer: PU Adhesive and EPDM Particle Buffer Layer Surface layer: sprayed granular layer

Self-knitting plastic runway

Base Layer: Cement or Asphalt Base Layer Primer: penetration and strengthening to improve bonding Mixed Layer: PU Adhesive and EPDM Particle Buffer Layer Topcoat: Spraying self-knitting finish

Breathable plastic runway

Brief introduction of breathable plastic runway Permeable plastic runway, also known as deep-water runway, has been widely adopted in rainy areas because of its good permeability and water permeability. Permeable plastic runway is one of the main products of plastic runway surface, which has the advantages and performance of general runway volume and low cost. Our company's air-permeable plastic runway is generally paved by professional paver, the smoothness is effectively controlled, and the upper layer is sprayed by professional spraying machine, the content of polyurethane glue is very high, so the fastness of the surface layer is relatively large compared with other types of runway, and there is little need for maintenance during use. Reduce maintenance cost greatly.

Characteristics of air permeable plastic runway

⇒ The bottom layer of breathable plastic runway material is a combination of single component glue and elastic rubber particles. It is an environmentally friendly product with breathable function. At high temperature, the steam generated by the foundation will quickly emit, and the steam pressure can not gather, so there will be no bubbling phenomenon, which meets the professional requirements and has good elasticity.
⇒ EPDM (ethylene propylene trioxide) colloidal particles are used in the surface layer to make it have high ultraviolet resistance. Practice has proved that it has no fading and strong wear resistance.
⇒ The EPDM (ethylene propylene trioxide) colloidal particles on the surface layer are mixed with polyurethane slurry and prepolymer, and then sprayed mechanically.
⇒ Excellent weather resistance, not easy to aging.
⇒ The elasticity is stable. There is no difference in elasticity throughout the year. It will not be hard in winter or soft in summer.
⇒ Strength rotation and strong shock absorption, emphasizing the comfort and safety of athletes. To help athletes develop or improve their performance.
⇒ Emphasizing the overall performance of the runway, adapting to various items and long-term competition training, etc.
⇒ Painting line is not easy to drop paint, bright color, non-fading, better wear resistance.
⇒ The flatness meets the IAAF standard. The green water is good. There is no need to stop the race in light rainy days. The race can be held immediately after heavy rains, and there will be no water accumulation.

Scope of application of breathable plastic runway

International competition, national competition venue, professional sports school training and teaching venue, general school teaching venue, professional gymnasium, multi-functional stadium.

Requirements for Foundation of Air-permeable Plastic Runway

Cement concrete foundation can be used in permeable plastic runway, and the foundation should have certain strength and stability. Cracks and uneven frost heave caused by freezing can not be found or produced, and cushion should be added in strata with high water content. In cold areas, foundation should be thickened according to local geological conditions or anti-frost heave measures should be taken. Generally, the thickness of cement concrete is about 120-150 mm, the flatness of cement concrete requires that the error of 3-meter ruler should not exceed 3 mm, and the strength should be above C20. The slope of the surface should be 6-10% from the outer edge of the runway to the inner edge (drainage ditch). It is suggested that 8% should be achieved. Cement concrete should not exceed 6 meters a day for cutting joints. It is suggested that 4-5 meters for cutting joints. The maintenance period of cement concrete should be 28 days according to the standard maintenance period, in the case of poor leveling. It is strictly forbidden to use pure cement mortar for one-layer skin leveling, which should be handled during surface construction.

Construction Technology of Permeable Plastic Runway

⇒ Apply one-component glue or undercoat uniformly to cement foundation by rolling brush
⇒ Before the undercoat is solidified, the mono-component glue and EPDM particles are distributed in a prescribed proportion, fully stirred by a mixer and transported to the paving site. The paver is paved according to the prescribed thickness. After solidification, it becomes an elastic layer.
⇒ Mix the permeable spraying adhesive with EPDM particles and EPDM powder in the prescribed proportion evenly and pour it into the special spraying machine. Spray it clockwise and counter-clockwise twice to three times. After curing, it is anti-skid and wear-resistant layer. Now the commonly used color is red and green.
⇒ Line according to competition rules or user requirements.
⇒ Composite Plastic Running
⇒ Brief Introduction of Composite Plastic Runway
⇒ There are two kinds of composite plastic runway. One is to spread 8-9 mm on the elastic layer of permeable plastic runway and 4-5 mm on the surface layer with EPDM rubber particles. The spreading method is the same as that of the elastic layer. This kind of technology is simple in construction, but the surface layer is relatively flat, more suitable for the course, and generally not adopted.
⇒ Another is a kind of runway which combines permeable plastic runway and mixed plastic runway. It is a runway made of elastic layer of permeable runway and surface layer of mixed runway. It is generally applicable to the case where the foundation is cement concrete foundation and the surface layer is like mixed type. The compound runway produced by our company not only guarantees the stability of cement foundation combined with plastic floor, meets the national standards, mechanical paving, mechanical spraying, excellent smoothness, no threshing phenomenon, but also improves the grade of surface layer, with porosity, permeability, air permeability, excellent elasticity and no foaming phenomenon. It can be used all-weather with strong wear resistance, weatherability, compression resistance, impact resistance and durability. The price economy provides more choices for users to lay a satisfactory runway.

Characteristics of Composite Plastic Runway

⇒ The cost of composite runway is about 15% lower than that of mixed plastic runway.
⇒ The upper layer of the composite runway is PU particles or EPDM weather-resistant and environmental-friendly colour particles, and the water-permeable polyurethane is sealed. The lower layer is cushioned by mechanical construction.
⇒ Because of its good surface drainage function, the rain and snow in the alpine region can not enter the elastic layer of the plastic runway. Once the climate warms up, the ice and snow melt on the surface of the composite traditional runway, and the natural drainage through the runway slope has no adverse effect on the runway.
⇒ Composite plastic runway is generally suitable for cement concrete foundation, and the surface layer requires mixed type. Dayal composite plastic runway meets the national standard, mechanical paving, mechanical spraying, excellent smoothness, no threshing phenomenon, and improves the grade of surface layer with porosity, permeability, air permeability and elasticity. OK, no bubbles.
⇒ Composite plastic runway can be used all day long. It has good wear resistance, weatherability, compression resistance, durability and economical price.
⇒ Compared with air permeable plastic runway, mixed plastic runway and pre-cast rubber runway, the appearance of compound plastic runway is the same as that of mixed plastic runway, and other data except tensile strength are basically the same as that of mixed plastic runway.