PVC Hova Flooring


Dayal is a specialist in manufacturing all kinds of Sporting Goods, especially Badminton related products. We believe that every sportsman, when given an opportunity, has the ability to excel to the highest level. No matter where you are, every player should have the chance to afford High quality equipment to enhance performance. With this belief.
Our Goal is to manufacture high quality products at an affordable price to meet everyone’s needs. We not only manufacture sports products, but also provide various training solutions for different players. Dayal’s Sports is devoted to the design and development of high quality training Equipment for players and budding stars. Our reputation is leading us to Success in different markets around the world. We believe sport is “Power “Plus “Intelligence”. We hope that every sports fan will benefit from Dayal's sporting products, improving health and enjoyment.
Products category
⇒ Sports series --- flooring for Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis,
⇒ Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal, Swimming Pool, Gym Commercial series.
⇒ Flooring for Kindergarten, School, Hospital, Mall, Supermarket, garage, dance room Traffic series --- flooring for Bus, Train.


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