EPDM Running Track


The rubber mat is primarily made of natural rubber and in two layers. The upper layer is harder than the lower layer and the elasticity of each layer is different. The top surface is molded with irregular convex lines while the back has a waffle-like a pattern forming 8400 concave air cushions per square meter of the track. The surface has excellent anti-slip, elasticity, and shock absorbing properties which makes the players less susceptible to pain. Both the top and the bottom layer is vulcanized at high temperature after calendaring and embossing on both the sides. This ensures that the top and bottom layers become bonded together and there is no split between the two.
Advantages being
⇒ Strong resistance to water
⇒ Shock-absorbent
⇒ Excellent elasticity
⇒ Anti-slippery
⇒ Anti-aging

Features of EPDM running track--Made with EPDM and Glue

⇒ Moderate elasticity
⇒ The wear resistance is strong, which can ensure the long-term stability of pavement structure
⇒ The aging resistance will not be affected by ultraviolet radiation, ozone and wind and rain, resulting in fading and powdering.
⇒ Impact resistance
⇒ Smooth, easy to construct, sun proof and antiskid
⇒ EPDM plastic stadium can be paved even if the foundation is poor, and the water permeability is good
⇒ It can be used all-weather for more than 10 years
⇒ Easy to maintain, easy to clean and reduce maintenance cost by 40%
⇒ Green environmental protection: health and non-toxic, safe and environmental protection, durable.

Features of Component hybrid runway (made of Epdm +elastic glue+ Polyurethane surface adhesive) and All- plastic track (elastic glue and Polyurethane surface adhesive)

Environmental protection : All plastic high elastic plastic runway materials are non-toxic, pollution-free and meet the requirements of environmental protection;
All weather usability: It can maintain high quality in any season and temperature difference environment, and can be put into use immediately after rain
Elasticity: It has moderate elasticity and resilience, which can not only reduce the consumption of physical strength, but also improve the performance of competition;
Good impact absorption: The mixed track can moderately absorb the impact of athletes' feet, which can not only reduce sports injury, but also suitable for long-term practice
Weather ability: It will not fade, pulverize or soften due to the pollution of ultraviolet, ozone and acid rain, and can keep its bright colour for a long time

Features of breathable plastic track: --Made of EPDM, glue and Polyurethane surface adhesive

⇒ Excellent weather resistance, not easy to aging.
⇒ The elasticity is stable, and there is no difference in elasticity throughout the year. It will never be hard in winter and soft in summer
⇒ It emphasizes the comfort and safety of athletes and helps them to play or improve their performance.
⇒ Emphasis on the overall performance of the runway, to adapt to various events and long-term competition training.
⇒ The paint is not easy to fall off, the colour is bright, does not fade, and the wear resistance is better
⇒ The flatness meets the standard of IAAF, and the water filtering property is good. There is no need to stop the competition in light rain days, and the competition can be carried out immediately after heavy rain without bonding
⇒ Compared with compound plastic runway and mixed plastic runway, the cost of breathable plastic runway is generally about 15% lower than compound plastic runway and 28% lower than mixed plastic runway.

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