Swimmimg Goggles

Whether you’re swimming laps in an indoor pool or practicing your strokes on the open water, goggles are essential for seeing underwater and protecting your eyes from irritants like chlorine and saltwater. But we’ve all felt what it’s like to swim using pairs that don’t work as well as they should. To find the best goggles, we consulted experts for the ones they trust.
Every expert agreed that fit is the most important factor when shopping for goggles. “Everyone’s face has a slightly different shape, so you may need to try out a bunch. Goggles should make a seal easily, even without the strap, but they shouldn’t be so tight that they leave rings around your eyes” says Dave Samuelsohn, player coach of the Westchester Masters Swimming Association. With that in mind, we talked to swim instructors, coaches, and competitors to discover the best goggles that’ll help your freestyle, butterfly, or backstroke go, well, swimmingly.